The Journey Begins…again


Ciao a tutti!

Hi all, due to the contract with my old webhost (Wix) for running out and all web platforms requiring you to pay for their premium services just to use your own domain name (which also comes at a cost) I’ve decided to jack it (huh huh) in with the paid site lark, particularly as I don’t think any of them offer value for money at the level I use it for.

So with that in mind I decided to just jump across and forget the named website business and all that jazz, but most importantly cost, that comes with it and blog it up.

Although this change also marks a great opportunity to review my work so far, which varies in quality from when I started out and I will port over the good, leave the bad to rot in cyber-hell and increase my focus on European cinema which is what I had always intended to do but seem to have got lost somewhere on the way.

A presto!



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