Alternative Titles: N/A
Director: Eros Bosi with support by Luca Alessandro
Writer: Eros Bosi
Year: 2016
Starring: Gene Gnocchi, Chiara Palombi, Eros Bosi, Diletta Vedovelli

Isabella is a young girl who lives in a small town. Through a strange series of events, caused by a broken mirror, she meets Fabiano and Mara, mad like her for “selfies”. But all new encounters hide something, and sometimes a mobile phone can show the truth…

EVIL SELFIE is the debut short film for upcoming Italian rookie Eros Bosi who was mentored during this process by the more experienced Luca Alessandro (E.N.D THE MOVIE; THE PYRAMID). It begins with the lovely Isabella (Chiara Palombi) doing what many of her peers do constantly, that’s right take a selfie. However when the mirror in front of her breaks she knows she is due some bad luck. Isabella’s a smart cookie however and looks up ways to break this curse or so she thought.

Seven days later (almost like THE RING here) while out finishing the steps to ensure no misfortune befalls her she collapses and dies. Her father obviously worried when she doesn’t return home begins to search for her only to find a bloody piece of mirror and visions of his dead daughter. This opening act certainly has a bit of the J-Horror genre about it and is played pretty straight but once established it allows Alessandro and Bosi  to develop the story into new territory and inject a sly sense of humour to the proceedings.

A little while later, an amorous couple (Bosi appearing in front of the camera alongside Diletta Vedovelli – both of whom put in good performances) pull into the field looking for a bit of alone time but before the guy is allowed to have his way his girlfriend insists on a selfie but her pictures end up  showing more than just our couple.

Although EVIL SELFIE is slightly lacking in the effective scares department it more than compensates for this through its humour and take on contemporary society with the concept almost (but certainly the trailer) channelling Carpenter’s THEY LIVE  but almost ironically despite the almost blind compulsion of using it the only thing that can save you is your phone…although then it might just be your girlfriend that kills you!

EVIL SELFIE is a fun watch thanks to a decent story that has the potential to be expanded into a much more serious piece of work or even go the other way into a parody of modern culture and even the J-Horror genre films (THE RING, SHUTTER etc.) which are not a million miles away.

Furthermore the entire crew do themselves justice with competent direction and strong editing underpinning some decent performances from a largely inexperienced cast. Eros Bosi is certainly one for horror fans to keep an eye on and if he continues to learn from the likes of Alessandro then we look forward to him appearing both behind and in front of another camera soon.

Finally of note the short film features Gene Gnocchi in a cameo role, and although not familiar to audiences outside of Italy, they may recognise him from roles in several TV series as well as a handful of feature films.

Visit the films Facebook page here.

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