From L’Avventura to Zombie 4!


I was cruising the mean streets of Twitter one day recently, well if Twitter could have streets but if it did then they would certainly be mean, and I stumbled upon a post by Russ Hunter aka @sorgono in which he referenced a book on Italian Horror Cinema which he co-wrote along with Stefano Baschiera (available from Edinburgh University Press).

After briefly chatting with Russ online I discovered a man with not just a passion for but also a phenomenal knowledge of Italian genre cinema and a passion for Italian zombie cinema in particular.

A man after my own brain…and not in a Richard Johnson kind of way. But back on track and I had to share with everyone a terrific presentation he gave earlier this year in Slovenia at the Kurja Polt genre film festival.

In the presentation Russ discusses how the foundations of Italian genre cinema were laid, the societal context in which these films were born and of course how all of this resulted in Italian zombie cinema. Give it a watch and the fellow a follow!

Get on you janner!

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