To review or not to review? That is the question.


So I’m sat here on a Saturday night with a can of Birra Moretti next to me and the Derby della mole (aka the Turin derby) on TV and yet rather than my mind being on the match it is replaying a conversation that I have been having with myself for the last couple of months.

To review or not to review?

The combined reviews on my site bring in a reasonable amount of traffic and help serve the purpose of my – to promote modern European cinema and raise the profile and availability of content of older, less covered genres.

So what has changed over these last months. Well my job and my free time. These shifts have forced me to reappraise my time management and considering I was struggling to work through things I wanted to watch let alone review I started questioning should I bother. Throw into the mix the doubt over whether this aspect of the blog is helping me to achieve any paid or worthwhile freelance gigs and the question gained strength.

So over the Christmas period there will be a few more changes to this blog as I seek to make a go of securing freelance work, of contributing to wider distributed publications and to pursue my passion for creative writing.

Sadly this means (with the odd exception) that I won’t be doing any more reviews but hopefully it means that time saved can go towards the often neglected articles that I have planned.

Bring on 2019!

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