2018 I hardly knew thee


Well as we approach Christmas we are also approaching the end of the calendar year. One in which on a personal level not much of note has really happened and quite frankly on a cinematic level one in which for the first time in years I have barely watched any new releases.

HEREDITARY, HALLOWEEN and the reimagining of SUSPIRIA have all passed me by for one reason or another but I doubt any of these would usurp TERRIFIER as my horror film of the year. Although I am hoping to watch Lars Von Trier’s THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT soon as if the film is as good as the controversy is created then I think Art the Clown might have some competition.

So what have I been doing with my time if not watching new releases? Well I have just watched films as and when the opportunity presented itself. This year saw first viewings of French films Rififi (1955) and Mon Oncle (1958), of several Italian films produced throughout the years (including modern fare such as SMETTO QUANDO VOGLIO and FORGIVE OUR SINS) and of films from a variety of countries such as Spain, Romania and of course Britain.

In addition to this I have had another article published in issue 11 of the fantastic Wengs Chop magazine (on the Comissario Betti trilogy) and had my first ever DVD release cover quote! For the fantastic Italian short film UNDERCOVER MISTRESS by Giulio Ciancamerla, check it out.

Although I am quite happy that this year also saw me discover the upcoming film maker Dean Puckett with his short films THE SERMON and SATAN’S BITE. It is rare to find film makers from the South West of England to champion (last one was Ryan Haysom with his short film YELLOW) but hopefully 2019 will see a few more come through.

But what about 2019? Well aside from no doubt catching up on several films from 2018 that I missed as well as seeking to get my writing out through a couple of further publications (keeping this hush for now) and working on a few personal more creative projects.

So here’s to not spending 2019 in an alcohol-induced slumber watching films and barely managing to review or write about them!


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