Ohh la la – Fornacis


Fornacis is the debut feature length of French director Aurelia Mengin and looks to be a thing of artistic beauty and perfectly suited to fans of the work of Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani (Amer; The Strange Colour Of Your Bodies Tears; Let The Corpses Tan).

Ominous and strange the trailer (see below) gives little away but possesses the tone and aesthetic of the French New Wave of Horror and the more recent independent arthouse horrors as exemplified by the previously mentioned Belgian duo.

I know little of the plot itself only that it see’s Anya (played by director Aurelia Mengin), a mourning woman, drive to the unknown in her vintage car, a 1961 Facel Vega, with only a mysterious urn as her traveling companion. Consumed by sadness and loneliness, Anya falls into a confused world, where her memories and her fantasies are merged in a strikingly visual yet almost silent film.

Fornacis also features Philllipe Nahon (Seul Contre Tous, Irreversible) and Anna D’Annunzio (The Strange Color Of Your Bodies Tears).

Check the trailer below. Also if you are in the UK the film will be showing at the Paracinema film festival in Derby on Sunday 5 May.