TetroVideo – A new player in town


As genre film fans we live in a new golden age, here in the UK we have the likes of Shameless, 88 Films, Cult Films, Nucleus Films and Arrow dusting off the old film reels and granting new life to some old classics and the rest. But what about modern independent horror and cult cinema?

Sure Arrow put out the odd thing but not much with a European twist and that is where new player TetroVideo, a UK/Italian distribution label focusing on cult and independent horror for the discerning collector, come into their own.

Promising that all releases will come as a double disc set, featuring a dvd pack with 3
panels, transparent tray, booklet and slipcase with alternative cover.

The first two releases are  due out this month (January 2019) and they are:


A grimy film from Slovenian director Mladen Djordjevic in which a young failing director strikes up a working partnership with a porn director leading him to delve further into this lifestyle and ultimately one of sleaze, betrayal and desperation.


This is another title for the terrific Lucio Fulci influenced American film BOMBSHELL BLOODBATH from director Brett Mullen (BLOODY BALLET), who I had the pleasure of interviewing a good few years ago when I ran a zombie blog site.

Playing almost like a homage to the glory days of 80’s Italian zombie flicks, by way of an excellent score from Umberto, and RE-ANIMATOR the story sees Cara try to protect her father and his secret experiments all while fighting the living dead.

Future announced releases that have also been announced include the Domiziano Cristopharo led anthology DEEP WEB XXX and the Slovenian action-horror KILLBILLIES aka IDILA and perhaps most exciting for me is  LA CASA DEL BUON RITORNO aka THE HOUSE OF THE BLUE SHADOWS a mystery thriller from 1986 courtesy of director Beppe Cino.

You can find out more about the label or pre-order the films over on their official website at tetrovideo.com

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