A fantastic celebration of regional film


Over the past few years I have contributed several reviews and pieces for a regional British website named Midlands Movies. A website that was set up to celebrate and promote actors, crew and film productions from the Midlands region of England.

The site has been running since Winter 2012 with its activities expanding into free film nights a few years ago and last year saw the first live award ceremony which celebrated the best of the region.

Now why am I writing this now? Well it’s nearly been a year and the second annual Midlands Movies Film Awards is in this planing stages and they need your support be it through raising awareness or cold hard cash via a Kickstarter campaign, but don’t worry you do get a decent return for your support.

Now why am I bothered? Despite not having any stake in the awards I backed last years event (and had a great evening attending as part of my perk) and I have already backed the next event simply because I think the whole concept behind the site deserves support …ironically because it’s whole point is to altruistically promote the work of others.

So if you can (and especially if you are based in the Midlands of the UK) check out the site, follow Midlands Movies on Twitter and check out the awards ceremony which are due to held at Hansom Hall in Leicester on Saturday 3rd March 2019.



Textiles, Fashion and the Milanisti


This Wednesday (4th July 2018) the documentary THE LORD OF MILAN will premiere at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham, England and for fans of football, or should that be calcio, this is a screening not to be missed.

Back in 2016 author Robert Nieri penned a fictional story based on the facts of the life and times of a young Nottingham textile worker named Herbert Kilpin. Nothing too extraordinary there you might think, but young Herbert left his home country in search of something more and would end up being one of the founding members of Associazione Calcio Milan – that’s right the A.C. Milan that all football fans know of today. 

Now LeftLion Media have adapted it into a documentary, their debut feature, covering what happened and what it means to the fans and (ex) players of the team.

Find out more about the documentary and the book over on the Facebook page and official Twitter account.

This particular screening will delve deeper into the Anglo-Italian connection thanks to the additional screening of the short film TWO HEARTS ONE SOUL which takes a look at the relationship between Notts County and Juventus supporters. Going beyond more than just a simple gesture of providing a kit.

To book your seats for this screening please visit the Nottingham Broadway website.

Please note that other independent cinemas across the world may also be screening this documentary. Check your local listings for more details.